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Operationalizing Missouri’s Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) Model 

During the 2020 Capacity Assessment, Missouri’s local public health agencies identified training as a primary need to build capacity and close gaps in order to be able to assure foundational public health services (FPHS) for all Missourians. 

#HealthierMO offers this training portal, in partnership with the Heartland Center, as a one-stop-shop for accessing links to free, online training that will build your knowledge, skills, and abilities and equip you to operationalize Missouri’s Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) model. 

How to Use the Training Portal 

Click the “All Courses” tab to choose trainings organized by the capabilities and public health areas of expertise identified in the FPHS model. Select the trainings most applicable to your role in the public health system. Trainings highlighted with a star are those #HealthierMO believes will be most beneficial and critical to closing gaps and building capacity in the FPHS. 

Click the “Featured” tab to view new content and highlighted trainings. As you complete each training, toggle the box next to it to indicate “completed” and receive a certificate of completion. 

Courses include those developed by #HealthierMO and its partners, Heartland Center, and external state and national organizations. Some trainings may require an additional userID to be created. 

Getting Started 

 Foundational Public Health Services in Missouri 

 Building a Healthier Missouri: An Overview of the #HealthierMO Initiative to Transform Public Health in Missouri 

Learn More 

Additional information on Missouri’s Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) model, including an interactive version of the model, can be found at