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Who do I contact for technical help or if a link is not working?

Please email [email protected] for technical issues.

Do I need an account to take these courses?

Yes. Everyone who takes these modules needs to set-up an account.

1. Click the Create Account button at the upper right portion of the screen. 

2. Fill out all fields on this page

3. Click the blue Create Account button to finish.

How do I add modules to my My Learning?

1. Click All Courses to view.

2. Select a course and then click Add to Cart.

3. Click Check Out.

4. On the next page, click Check Out again.

5. Click the Submit button to add courses to My Learning.

6. The next page will prompt you to go to the My Learning section of the site to view the modules. This may take up to 10 minutes for the modules to show up in your My Learning page. A blue Launch button will appear when the courses are ready for you to view.

7. Click the blue Launch button to view the course. (be sure to do all activities on all screens)

Can I review the modules again after completion?


1. Go to My Learning.

2. Click on the blue Review button to take the courses again.